Chestnut Trees

Our Bare-Root (BR) nursery stock. These are 1-year-old (1 season) seedlings that are shippable and easy to plant.  We offer two sizes with size difference being due to how big they grew in the nursery.  We’ve not seen much long-term difference in performance of regular size vs large size. (We discard small seedlings.)  Bare-root trees are shipped December through May when transit temperatures are above 15 F. 

Our Container nursery stock. For those who want larger trees.  We have a limited supply of 2 and 3-yr old trees in pots that are 4 to 6 ft tall.  These must be picked up at our nursery.  The best time to plant container trees is September through November.  The price for these trees is $15 to $20 each.  If you are interested in these email Greg at [email protected] for availability and to arrange pick-up time.

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