ATTENTIONWe are SOLD OUT of Chinkapin Seeds, Chestnut Seeds, and Culinary Chestnuts. We are sold out of Chinese chestnut seedlings but still have 1-yr-old bare root Japanese seedlings available.

Due to a small 2023 chestnut crop, peeled kernels, chestnut flour, and pancake mix are not available at this time.

 Check here, our Facebook page, or our phone message for updates.

About Us

Route 9 Cooperative was formed in 2010 by the owners of five chestnut orchards in
eastern Ohio, located on land once occupied by native American chestnut trees. Our
member chestnut orchards cover over 100 acres and have been supplying their
customers with fresh culinary chestnuts for many years. The need for a larger
packing facility and unified marketing led to creation of the co-op. Prior to the
co-op, Greg Miller had produced and sold chestnuts and chestnut trees under his
farm, Empire Chestnut Company. The co-op now markets the chestnuts and trees grown
by Empire Chestnut Company. Greg Miller serves as president of Route 9 Cooperative
and remains an active chestnut farmer. See our more detailed story under history.

Our Culinary Chestnuts

Over the years, we have grown several species of chestnuts and their interspecific
hybrids. We found that the Chinese chestnut (Castanea mollissima) is the
best in terms of its sweet flavor, ease of peeling, and adaptation to our growing
conditions. We continually plant new trees and remove inferior trees. In the
process, we evaluate new germplasm and constantly improve the genetic quality of the
chestnuts and nursery stock that we sell.

We sell three sizes of chestnuts: small (60-75 per lb; good for snacking), medium
(48-53 per lb; good for roasting) and large (34-39 per lb; good for cooking). All
sizes have the same quality and flavor. They are carefully cleaned and graded to
ensure more than 95% sound chestnuts at shipping time. Fresh chestnuts are
available only during October and November.

When you receive your chestnuts be sure to refrigerate them right away. Otherwise,
they can become moldy. Be sure to read our pages on storage and preparation of

What’s New

Route 9 Cooperative
Route 9 Cooperative2 months ago
UPDATE: I was slow to post this and they already sold out! 😆 But if you’re in the area, keep an eye out. They’ll be selling them for the next few weeks as available.

Amish neighbor kids are selling strawberries in our parking lot. Local folks, stop by for some delicious fresh strawberries!
Route 9 Cooperative
Route 9 Cooperative7 months ago
Michelle Ajamian from Appalachian Staple Foods Collaborative and our manager Amy Miller talk about chestnut product research funded by SARE.
Route 9 Cooperative
Route 9 Cooperative8 months ago
EDIT: The buttons say “pre-order” but since these are already available, a pre-order is the same as an order. ATTENTION SEED NUT CUSTOMERS: We currently have some Select Seed Nuts available for sale. Get them while they last!

ATTENTION HOLIDAY SHOPPERS: We are currently selling Chestnut Spelt Pancake Mix, including gift bundles of 7.5oz packages that are perfect to share with family and friends at the holidays.
Due to a small chestnut crop this year, we are not selling dried chestnuts or chestnut flour at this time. We will provide updates if/when those products become available.
Route 9 Cooperative
Route 9 Cooperative8 months ago
We are out of chestnuts in our Carrollton location, but for folks in traveling distance of the Cleveland area, here’s a chance to get some chestnuts for the holidays.
Route 9 Cooperative
Route 9 Cooperative9 months ago
Another chestnut beer from Fibonacci Brewing Company! It’s fun to have creative partners. It’s not as fun when the delicious things they make are hours away from our farm. Anyone near Cincinnati, head to Fibonacci and drink one for the chestnut growers! 🌰🍻
Route 9 Cooperative
Route 9 Cooperative9 months ago
ATTENTION U-PICKERS: There are not many chestnuts left in the field. You won’t be able to pick very many this weekend. Please tell your friends and spread the word! We don’t want a lot of people to drive far and be disappointed.