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These are pure Chinese chestnut or Chinese-type hybrid seed from commercial quality parents, plus I have a small quantity of Japanese chestnuts, mostly derived from Korean cultivars.  There are about 25-40 seeds per lb (less for the Japanese). From the drop-down menu choose what size package(s) you want, then how many of these packages. Shipping is included in the price.  Orders over $150 receive a 10% discount automatically applied during checkout.  You can choose what kind(s) of seeds you want from the list below, which are described in the “what we offer” section. Each package of seed must be all the same kind. For example, if you want 1 lb each of 5 different kinds, you must order 5 1-lb packages, not 1 5-lb package.  Indicate what kind you would like as your 1st preference, and if you will allow substitution, indicate this as your 2nd preference.  I recommend that you order one of the mixes to ensure high genetic diversity and high genetic quality.  The Empire Elite Mix has seeds from numerous good parents that are not yet producing enough seed to sell by themselves; many of these are better than the named cultivars.  Kinds available:

  • Chinese mixed populations: Empire Elite Mix, Stehli Elite Mix, PQ F1’s
  • Chinese mothers: AU-Homestead, AU-Super, Gideon, Nanking, Peach, Perry, Qing,
  • Hybrid mothers: Ace, Hansen, Luvall’s Monster
  • Japanese (mixed population)

Seeds will be shipped in November.


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