Chestnuts in Bur Route 9 Cooperative

Growing Fresh Culinary Chestnuts for the Chestnut Lover


Our smaller chestnuts are dried or made into chestnut flour. Dried chestnuts and chestnut flour are sometimes available all year.

Dried chestnuts can be stored at room temperature until used. They must be rehydrated by simmering them in water for 30 minutes before they can be used. Each pound of dried chestnuts is approximately equal to three pounds of fresh chestnuts.

Chestnut flour is gluten-free and is often used as an ingredient in pastries, pasta, and pancakes. Chestnut puree or chestnut flour adds the flavor of chestnuts to baked goods. Substitute chestnut flour or puree for some portion (usually less than 50%) of wheat flour, or as a complete substitute for corn meal or oat flour. Chestnut flour weakens the dough, and therefore, must be used sparingly in yeast breads. However, its tender texture and sweet flavor make wonderful pancakes, muffins, and pastries. Our chestnut flour is sold in one, two or five pound bags.


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