Chestnuts in Bur Route 9 Cooperative

Growing Fresh Culinary Chestnuts for the Chestnut Lover


chestnuts We grow several species of chestnuts, but for culinary use we sell only specially selected Chinese chestnuts (Castanea mollissima) and a few Chinese-type hybrids. Because of their sweet flavor and ease of peeling, we consider this species to be the best. We continually plant new trees and remove inferior trees. Over the past 15 years, we have cut down over 1,000 bearing trees because of their inferior nut quality. What we have left are truly the best, and our standards keep going up.

We sell three sizes of chestnuts: small (60-75 per lb; good for snacking), medium (48-53 per lb; good for roasting) and large (34-39 per lb; good for cooking). All sizes have the same quality and flavor. They are carefully cleaned and graded to ensure more than 95% sound chestnuts at shipping time. Fresh chestnuts are available only during October and November. They can be ordered in advance for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.

When you receive your chestnuts be sure to refrigerate them right away. Otherwise, they can become moldy. Be sure to read our pages on storage and preparation of chestnuts.

Click HERE to order fresh culinary chestnuts.

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