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We say "chestnut orchards" because our cooperative is made up of several local chestnut growers, including Empire Chestnut. Our cooperative is now 8 years old and the 2018 crop is a big one.

Autumn brings the excitement of harvesting and shipping over 30 tons of chestnuts. We harvest, clean, size, grade, bag, and ship chestnuts for you. It's a busy time for us. We begin shipping in early October and continue until we sell out in November.

Chestnuts are perishable. We harvest promptly and keep them cool and moist to maintain quality. When chestnuts first fall from the tree, they are starchy and bland-tasting. After about a week, they become sweeter and more flavorful. Consequently, we don't ship chestnuts until they have been off the tree for at least five days.

Be sure to visit our chestnut storage and preparation page so that you get maximum enjoyment from the chestnuts you order. On our recipe page you will find suggestions on how you can incorporate your chestnuts into existing recipes that you might have. We hope you enjoy browsing through our Web site.

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